Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The reason that ModPodge is AWESOME!!

I was so impressed over this I had to share!!
I covered this little container with card stock scraps and Mod Podge a while back for my son. Well he thought he would use it to put snails in and left it outside in the whether. It's been out here for over a month now and if for those of you are not familiar with South Louisiana's whether, it has been raining for the past two weeks with excessive humidity and heat!! All the buttons are still tacked on and the card stock scraps are all the same color a when I first put them on! I used colorful paper that wasn't card stock also, which you can see has faded and shriveled. And this why I love mod podge and card stock!!
Wish I had a before picture for you, but I wasn't blogging when I did the project; sorry...
There are other glues that are very impressive as well, but I haven't experimented with them as I did this!! Hehe!!

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