Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simple yet Creative and Fun Kid's decore'

DIY Boy Containers: Googly Eye Box & Scrap Jar:

Here are a couple items I made for my son's room about one or two years ago.

The first item is the orange Googly Eye Box, which is to the front left in the photo below. I first painted the box orange and once dried I glued various size googly eyes or wiggly eyes around the box. I cant recall the exact name used for those eyes, so I'll just go with googly or wiggly for now!!
I got the idea for this box about two Halloweens when I made some treat bags for my son's daycare class (being he wasn't in school yet). I must have had about 5 Ziploc bags of these little eye things and each bag consisted of different sized eyes. And where they all came from... Beats me; I don't remember buying that many!! So anyhow, I used Halloween card stock to make little treat bags and on some of solid sheets which were now bags, I glued different sized googly eyes all over them!! The kids ended up LOVING the ones with the eyes!! Had I known they would have fought over those, I would have done all the bags that way!!!

The item to the front right of the photo below is an allowance jar that I made from various scraps I had left over. I used a decorative (the same for each scrap) scissors to cut them out and used modpodge or tacky glue (cant remember, it's been a while) to adhere each the scraps to the jar. Either modpodge or tacky glue should work on this; I haven't had anything fall off yet and this belongs to a little boy who is extremely rough and active!! Once all the scraps were in place, I glued different color buttons that matched the scraps! It would have probably been cuter I had used sport-ball embellishments rather than buttons; however, by the time that idea came to me, these buttons just wouldn't come off!!

Please excuse the silhouette in the background!! It was one of my first silhouettes that I had done in a long time and I had attempted it without using a fresh razor!! BIG MISTAKE!! It's been about 3 years since I attempted this and I still haven't completed it and I've probably gone through a couple of fresh razors since then. I could have at least completed the letters or something!!!

Well hope you enjoy!!

Googly Eye Box (is a great Halloween Gift bag idea also) & Scrap Paper Allowance Jar

Please share if you decide to use any of these ideas; I would love to see yours!!

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