Saturday, July 14, 2012

Letter "M" Embellished

Well I gave you the bits and pieces of my embellished letters, so here are the others I've embellished the ''M'' in. I feel it may be over-done, but I'm more simple and I know my niece... well she's definitely far from simple!!
Hope you enjoy this and get inspired as well!!!

Made the "Memories"banner in advanced so when I tried fitting it onto my letter ''M'', it was a little large.
On top the banner is another one of my hand-made Gerber Daisies with a bottle cap in the middle rather than a button. You'll see me use a variety of materials as the center of the flower. I like to change it up!!
CHANGE OF PLANS: Originally I planned to put the Gerber Daisy in the bottom corner and the banner on the other top corner being that side has more room. ....And this is how it turned out.
Here you can see that I added a black ribbon on top of where the different cardstocks overlap, hiding any imperfections.
Also, I placed a pink rhinestone, which is the same size as my polka dots, on top of a few pink polka-dots to add a little sparkle. However, I didn't place many because it would have been too gaudy considering all the other embellishments I 've added.  I love gaudy, but not too gaudy.

And here is a close-up of the stars. This was a necklace I once wore, but the chain links were tangled up. Therefore I placed the stars on new links, covered them with scraps of cardstock from this project and found them a new home. Very Simple!! Oh; but first, be sure to clean any tarnished jewelry with toothpaste before using it in your projects.

Another view of the stars, but this one is a little blurry.

Also, if someone can Please leave me an opinion of whether or not these letters may be over-embellished (keeping in mind they are for a young girl), I would truly appreciate it. I've asked a couple of people, but those who have been over aren't exactly the best at being straight forward. I need honest opinions from people who aren't afraid to hurt my feelings!!
I hope this tutorial was able to spark a little inspiration for your next project and remember, I'm always open to questions and comments!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!

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