Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Gift-Topper Streamers: Full Tutorial

When giving gifts, I always add my own touch to the wrapping weather it's wrapped or placed in a cute gift bag; However, it can get a little expensive to buy materials that will likely be thrown away by the person receiving the gift. I feel it's a little rude to tell someone: by the way, when your done opening your gift, I'll need those embellishments back, which i have wanted to do numerous times!! Just how are you suppose to say those words without sounding a tad bit crazy!!!
Well instead I use items that are already lying around my house to create these embellishments . One item I have recently been using a lot of for this is embroidering floss!! Also, I'll use wire, but when it's for a child, I try to lay off on the wire.
So, here it goes!!!

Material list:

• Mod Podge or Tacky glue
• Embroidering Floss
• Scissors
• Clips (to hang out for drying)
• Heat Lamp or Light source (optional, but it helpful)
• Glitter (optional)

Determine the color or colors and the amount of streamers you'll want to use. I usually fold my floss and hold it in the place I intend to use it in order to get a rough measure.
- The 1st photo below illustrates this folding process. Then I place it under just as I did in the two photos following.

Next, Make a mark once you've found your ending point (or feel you have enough steamers for the embellishment). Cut about an inch (1" inch) passed that mark. You will need a clean piece to hold while dipping.
- Sorry I didn't get any photos of these last few processes. Will try my hardest to post a few as soon as I get back home.

Grab the end of your string (the 1" inch piece you left extra) and whirl it around fingers to the point that it will be able to pass through the glue bottle opening. Try to avoid knotting or tangling the string in this process, it may complicate this simple project. Once you've prepared your string take the cap off of your your glue bottle, drop your string into the bottle, but whatever you do, DON'T LET GO of the very end; that's why we left the extra inch.

After the string is completely submerged in glue, start pulling it out slowing, which will allow the excess glue drip back in the bottle. I pass it tightly along the edge of the opening to remove excess glue (Mod Podge).

Find a spot you can hang your string under your lamp. I used the long bulb under the work bench. It was easy to place my string under & gave better coverage. Clip one end of the string, pull tight to avoid unwanted curling, and clip the other end, but don't place too close to the bulb.

Once dry, you can repeat until its your desired strength.

If you want to add glitter as I usually do, especially for Girly or christmas gifts, do so before the drying process. you can sprinkle it prior to or post hanging the floss for drying, which ever method works better for you!!

Please keep in mind that I threw this embellishment together for this photo. It's actually a couple embellishments I previously made and used them as models for this post. Don't worry I didn't fasten anything; I will be able to use them each separately if I need to!!

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