Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Inspiration!

From a little Halloween Inspiration!!!!!!!!

I do believe I have already posted this, but with Halloween around the corner, I figured I would do a re-post. This allowance jar was created from left over scraps from my many projects. I told an edge scissors to the scraps before mod-podging them on in order to add something extra. I also took buttons in the same colors of the scraps that I used and mod-podged those on to cover up any imperfections.

This is the container created from inspiration received from a project did for my son's class last Halloween. I can't find the container at this moment, but I can give a little description. Using Halloween paper, I made a cone (inspired for the candy corn paper cones) to put treats in. On the orange cones, I put various size googly eyes on them. The kids at school absolutely adored them.  So being one of the colors in my son's room is orange, I painted one of his boxes orange and placed the left over googly eyes on the box!! He absolutely loved this!!! He still tries to jump around and do thinks to get the eyes to move!!!
Halloween Inspiration