Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Frosted Vases: Etch appeal

I made more frosted vases, but these were for my mom. I had taken pictures of the entire process for you; however, I hadn't shut the power off on my camera which resulted in it not resetting it self to default settings. So I wasn't able to download my those photos on my computer. It wouldn't even let me copy the photos as JPEG versions either, which never happened to me before. Another absent-minded move of mine! Never fails.
The steps are fairly simple, so hopefully you will be able to understand the tutorial without the photos.
Materials needed for this project:
  • Vase or glass piece you wish to frost
  • Can of Frosting spray paint (I used Valspar, but you can use which ever brand you prefer)
  • News paper or any type of paper (will be stuffed in the vase to avoid paint getting inside)
  • Splat mat/ drop clothe (to place objects on while spraying)
  • Vinyl letters or contact paper (you can cut your own letter out of the contact paper)
  • Glass cleaner

  1. First off, clean your piece with a glass cleaner.
  2. Weather you choose to trace your own letter on contact paper and cut it out yourself, or use a pre-designed vinyl letter is completely up to you, but once you have cleaned your piece real well, place your letter in the center of your piece unless you're doing a different design or something. These two pieces are just simple and plain.
  3. Take your news paper or whatever you have decided to use here and stuff it into the vase, this is to avoid getting frost inside the vases and also doubles as a protector if they were to get knocked over in the process for some strange reason. But hopefully not!!
  4. If you haven't put down a splat mat or drop clothe, I would recommend you doing this now
  5. Once you have your letter or design in place and the inside is stuffed with paper or whatever works for you, I would recommend wiping it down one more time with the glass cleanser to rub off any particles it may have picked up during this process.
  6. Place your piece(s) on your splat mat and double check to be sure everything is in the place you want it to be in.
  7. Frost your vase!!  Hold your spray can at a reasonable distance away from your piece and try to spray the entire piece from the same distance in order to create even coverage throughout the piece. (Don't want to get to close to the piece, it will be noticeable)
  8. Once your piece has dried (shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes, but will most probably be dry in about 15 minutes), examine it BEFORE taking off the vinyl design. If you feel it needs another coat or find a smudge, repeat step 7; however, I recommend a lighter coat of spray and keep repeating until you get your desired results. You don't want to over do it!

I did only one coat on each of these and it literally took me no more than 10 minutes to get both of these pieces completed. You may want to experiment a little before spraying your good glassware if you haven't had much experience with spray paints prior to this.   

For those of your who are interested in the actual etching process of glassware, here are two great tutorials that I recently stumbled across and fell in love with when attempting to purchase etching cream. The first one is a beautiful DIY etched monogram on a square glass vase
and this beautiful idea is a DIY etching of words on glassware  with a great explanation of step by step instructions I highly recommend you view these two tutorials, both are extremely beautiful and awesome ideas!!!

Hope you enjoy this post; I'll be back tomorrow with more ideas!!

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