Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collegiate Bow "LSU"

Just finished putting this bow together for a friend's two daughters. When I do come across "team" bows, they usually tend to consist of plain ribbon in the team colors with a small resin consisting of the team emblem or letters.

To give these a little more character, I Incorporated ribbons that had the team name while making the bow and in the in center piece; however, I also tried my best not to "over-do" it.

 Figured I'd post all the bows I made from this ribbon combination for you!! Hope you like, and it's not too overwhelming.

Some of the resins may be off-centered, but I hadn't yet secured them when I took the shots.

Any suggestions while I'm working on these would be deeply appreciated!!! Always open to new ideas and thoughts!! I hope to inspire you, as I would love to receive inspiration for you!!

Have a wonderful day and stay tuned!! ... you never know what will be next at this rate of un-organization!!! hehe!! I'll catch back up one day, hopefully sooner rather than later; thanks for being patient!!!

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