Friday, August 10, 2012

Boy's Room Decore' and Organization

With hopes of your forgiveness for the lengthy time period of not posting, this is one of many post from my experience of reorganizing my son's room. Being we live in a rental-home that has few closets, it can get a little frustrating when there is no place to store toys, especially for a child who seems to have every toy ever created!!
If you have ever noticed in any of my pictures that expose the walls, you're probably wondering why they aren't cute and colorful... well, this is due to the reason is the same. My walls won't lack style once we are in a new house!!! he-he!!!

For those of you who have little boys, I'm sure you know how destructive they can get as well as how big of a mess they can make... So you can only imagine living without closet space!!

Paper Patterns that will be used in this room
I'm hoping to finish his room before he starts school. He should be able to have all his school clothes organized neatly in his room and in his reach in order to decrease the morning hassle and also increase his independence.

This is only two small ideas out of the many to come.

As of now this is his headboard; however, once I start placing everything on the wall, it may serve a different purpose.
Can you tell that I used coffee to stain this? Didn't have stain or varnish and didn't want to make a trip to the store; however, this was much cheaper and I rather the way it came out. It doesn't have that shine on it, which I rather for boy decore'.

A small shelf that will have hooks for hanging items. Have a little more to add on including the hooks, but there is a dark spot in the center that needs to be covered.

He is only age five. With that in mind, I plan on placing a rod to his level for hanging his clothes and intend to keep all his other school clothes and accessories at his level as well. Be sure to check back for those posts in the near future!!

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!!!

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