Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trial-Run Frosted Vase {Etched Appeal}

Since I wasn't able to get much done for the blog last week due to the hurricane, here is an item I had created last school year as a teachers appreciation gift.
Well this was actually created for the practice/trial run. It was created before I got into blogging and creative websites for ideas of how to do things, so I had to actually do the trial and error myself.
With that being said, this vase has many imperfections, but I didn't want to throw away a perfectly good vase so I kept it for myself.
I try to avoid over-filling the vase with stems that way the imperfections wont be as noticeable and most people don't notice unless they are examining it closely.

 The photo above gives you a better idea of how these vases look when in use as well as a different designs that you may want to create. It also illustrates the imperfections more intensely than in person being I edited the photo somewhat. 

 You can see the actual vases created for my son's teachers with a simple tutorial on a previous post, Frosted Vase Etched appeal and also my Mini Frosted Vases by clicking the titles in blue.


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