Monday, September 10, 2012

Pin The Bow On Barbie

{{The pictures came out horrible because I was in such a
rush and wasn't thinking about a blog post at that moment.
 Please forgive all my photo imperfections. It seems as
 though my photography skills have digressed since I've
started Blogging!!}} 
My three year old niece's birthday party was rescheduled for this past Saturday due to the Hurricane and of course her mother went into labor a couple days before. She wasn't able to get out of the hospital for the party, so I ended up having to host the party for her (and decorate; of course). Being she choose Barbie as her party theme and we hadn't had a chance to get party games, I decided to make a "pin the bow on Barbie".
I had only a few hours until the party, so I gathered up some girly card stock packs from my paper supplies and got to work.

Using a pencil I sketched Barbie's Silhouette on loose leaf paper to use as my stencil. Then I used my razor knife to cut it out on black card stock and glued my silhouette on to a poster board.
Once Barbie's silhouette was glued down, I sketched a plain bow from a sheet of card stock (plain pink bow)  and glued it in Barbie's hair to use as a target so that the kids would know where the bows should be placed.
While letting the poster board dry, I started sketching and cutting out my paper bows that the kids would be using as the game pieces from different color card stock that matched the theme of her party.
I finished putting my game piece bows together and while waiting for those to dry, I placed pre-cut letters around the silhouette to say "Happy Birthday" and punched out butterflies with the scraps left over from my bows.
Once the letters were dry, I traced around them with a black permanent marker without taking my time, which left them a little sloppy, but she loved it anyhow!!

In the picture to the left, I was testing out the bows to be sure I made them big enough.

The bows truly make it!!

The picture below has some of the bows I made. Thought I took more pictures than this, but guess I didn't. I was kind of in a rush.


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