Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry & Bright Candy Christmas: Inspired by Sweats & Treats

The inspiration for this tree came from sweats and treats. I was looking for something  Merry and Bright while non-traditional at the time.Well little did I know that this theme and the colors would soon be the new Christmas Colors. Hehe!!
Although my tree isn't as pretty as it once was, I'm finally beginning to get my Christmas tree back to the way I had originally intended it to look 6 years ago. During our move, I'm assuming my other half decided he was tired of moving boxes and decided he would leave all my beautiful ornaments (mostly from Pier-one-imports) behind. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy, but it doesn't pay to stress over it.
However, the colors are still the same!!

I absolutely love the traditional red and green Christmas decor' (it has evolved significantly), but I started making and purchasing ornaments in the same colors as soon as I realized they were left behind. With that being said, I decided to stick with these colors!! The only thing I'm missing now is a white tree, which truly helps make these colors POP!! ... and of course I could always use more bulbs. Can never have enough bulbs/ ornaments!!! Hope you like!!

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